Statewide Survey Group offers and supplies a comprehensive range of surveying services so as to meet all of our clients needs. The following are but a few of the services which we extend to our clients.

Town Planning

With an extensive knowledge of development processes within the Statewide Survey Group team, we offer proficient services in all aspects of local and state development. Our diverse in-house experience, capabilities and attention to detail are what allow us to deliver in different scales of development.

Our communication, negotiation skills and technical knowledge, networked with a range of industry professionals significantly increase the opportunity to succeed in your projects.

We offer a variety of town planning services including:

  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Residential, Retail and Commercial developments
  • Development Applications
  • Industrial Developments
  • Priority Development Areas (PDA's)
  • Large scale multiple dwelling developments
  • Subdivision
  • Plan Sealing
  • SealSMART (Full accreditation including 50% compliance fee discount)
  • Project Management

Identification Survey

An Identification Survey is conducted to establish, or re-instate part or all of any existing property boundaries.

Contour / Detail Survey

A Contour / Detail Survey is a survey that is conducted to record and map the features of a property; e.g. to include such things as the location of buildings, fences, miscellaneous structures, services, vegetation, and topographical land features.

Engineering Setout

Engineering setout is generally conducted as part of the development process. Essentially, the intended location of the walls features and/or extents and structures of a project are located or ‘setout’ as per the approved design plans for the project. This enables the other project contractors to complete the project in accurate accordance with the approved plans. Engineering setout is a continuing surveying commitment that generally continues for the life of a project.

As Constructed Survey

As Constructed Survey (Ascon) is generally conducted to locate the position of relevant services and/or infrastructure during or at the conclusion of construction. This is done to document the degree to which the development has in fact complied with the project design plans. Ascon survey also provides useful reference in the event of future development.

Lease Plans

Lease plans are created to form part of a lease agreement between landlord and tenant. A number of diffferent types of lease plans are produced by our company, including leases within buildings and leases of land.

Subdivision / Reconfiguration Surveys

Subdivision is conducted to reconfigure existing allotments into smaller lots of land. A feasibility and proposal plan is the first step to creating a development application for council approval. Our qualified staff use up to date surveying software to achieve the most efficient and appropriate outcome for the subdivision. Upon approval from council our Cadastral Surveyors can assist you in the construction and servicing phase as well as completing the final Survey Plan of your property.

Subdivision Feasibility Study

This investigation can deliver an accurate report on the opportunites and constraints of existing conditions, to determine the subdivision potential. The investigation takes into account issue resulting from this analysis and requirements of any proposed developments under the appropriate Council Town Plan.

Easement Surveys

Easement survey and plans are prepared between parties to allow the use of part of an allotment. There are different types of easement surveys including - service, right of way, access.

Height & Building Certificates

Calculations, survey & certification of proposed or asconstructed building. Floor levels, roof height & building siting/shape.

Development Applications

Our office can prepare development/planning applications on your behalf and guide you through the process of approval with council. Applications that we can assist you with include Subdivisions, Strata Title, Duplex, Small Lot subdivision, Plan Sealing, General council applications eg sheds, carports, house extensions.

Property Amalgamation

Property amalgamation can only be done by a registered cadastral land surveyor. Depending on the circumstances affecting the particular properties, one of two approaches will be taken in amalgamating two adjoining properties:

1. Amalgamation by Office Compilation
A licensed surveyor will collate the relevant registered title plans to determine if the existing documentation of the property boundaries are reliable enough to compile a new property boundary based on existing survey information alone. If this can be done, a new plan will be drafted and lodged with the Department of Natural Resources and Water, or;

2. Amalgamation by Field Survey
In areas where reliable boundary information is not available a field survey will have to be done before a new plan can be drafted and lodged. This process will prove to be more time consuming and will attract additional expenses but may prove to be a necessity in some trouble areas.